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Wanrui Small Lecture Hall: How to Distinguish Doub

時間:2019-6-11 來源:萬瑞工貿 瀏覽量:1080

How to distinguish double flanged limit joint from double flanged force transfer joint? Customers often encounter the problem that they can not distinguish between the two types of extenders, or that the description of the two types of extenders is not clear. The following edition will explain the difference between the two types of extender joints:

1. from the model point of view, the model of B2F double flange limited expansion joint is VSSJA-2, abbreviated as B2F, and the model of C2F double flange force transfer joint is VSSJAF, abbreviated as C2F.

2. Functionally speaking, the double flange limited expansion joint is mainly used to absorb the axial displacement and bear the thrust of the axial pressure within the allowable displacement range. The loose sleeve connection of the pipeline is especially suitable for the connection in the pipeline with vibration or a certain slope and bend. It can prevent leakage and damage of compensating joint caused by excessive displacement of pipeline. Advantages: large expansion, convenient and fast installation. Features: Suitable for flanged pipes at both ends. The function of the double flange force transfer joint is to transfer the pressure thrust (blind plate force) of the connecting parts and compensate the pipeline error, so as to reduce the damage of the pipeline and pipeline equipment caused by the axial thrust. It is mainly used for loose sleeve connection of accessories such as pumps, valves and pipes.

3. Looking from the shape, there are four flanges in the double flange limited expansion joint, and three flanges in the double flange force transfer joint, which is the most easily distinguished point.

(Pictured above is double flanged force transfer joint)

(Pictured above is a double flanged limited expansion joint)

Do you understand now?

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