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Welcome to Jiaozuo Wanrui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
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Hello, I am Wanrui (video)

時間:2019-6-17 來源:萬瑞工貿 瀏覽量:1065

Founded in 1988, Jiaozuo Wanrui Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial cluster area of Wuyi County, Henan Province. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of various pipeline materials and valves.

Adhering to the development philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by innovation", we have obtained 28 invention patents. The Yuerui brand flexible rubber joints produced by the company obtained the approval of the sanitary license for domestic wading drinking hygiene safety products in Henan Province, and became the only manufacturer in the same industry in Henan Province to have this certificate. The products are sold at home and abroad.

“Inheriting excellence and creating the future together”, Wanrui people are dedicated to building brand enterprises and forging ahead with the national industry.

Jiaozuo Wanrui Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Sales Director: 13513810993 (Li.) QQ: 283421816

Sales hotline 1:13782808095

Sales hotline 2:13513810993

Logistics telephone: 0391-7268896

Address: No.155, Industrial South Road, Wuyi County, Henan Province

Zip code: 454950

Email: jzswrlt@126.com

Website: www.qqww3.com

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