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JZBW Damping Corrugated Hose

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JZBW  Damping  Corrugated  Hose

JZBW shock absorber corrugated compensator is used to compensate for elongation or shortening of pipeline due to temperature change. There are mainly two kinds of corrugated compensator and corrugated compensator used in thermal pipeline. Damping corrugated compensator is also known as expansion joint, or expansion joint. The utility model is composed of a corrugation compensator (an elastic element) which constitutes the main body of the work, and accessories such as end pipe, bracket, flange, conduit, etc. The shock absorber corrugation compensator belongs to a compensation element. The effective expansion deformation of the main body of the corrugated compensator is used to absorb the size changes of pipes, conduits and containers caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction, or to compensate the axial, lateral and angular displacements of pipes, conduits and containers. It can also be used for noise reduction and vibration reduction. It is widely used in modern industry.

JZBW shock absorber ripple compensator is divided into sleeve ripple compensator, rotary ripple compensator, square natural ripple compensator and other major types, among which ripple compensator is more commonly used, mainly to ensure the safe operation of pipelines, with the following functions:

1. Compensation for thermal deformation of absorption pipeline in axial, transverse and angular directions.

2. The expansion of the corrugated compensator facilitates the installation and disassembly of the valve pipeline.

3. Absorb the vibration of equipment, reduce the influence of equipment vibration on pipeline.

4. Absorbing the deformation of pipeline caused by earthquake and subsidence.

Design temperature: -20℃~+400 ℃   Code: JZBW  Model sign:JZBW corrugated pipe-connection type pressure-dismeter compensator

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